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Chapter 1   Bomb Blast

Chapter 2   Before the Bomb

Chapter 3   My Own Post- Traumatic Stress

Chapter 4   Increased Anxiety

Chapter 5   The Healing Journey

Chapter 6   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Chapter 7   The Rape on the Common

Chapter 8   “My Mother’s Nerves”

Chapter 9   Abduction

Chapter 10   Armed Robbery

Chapter 11   Role Reversal – Female Criminals, Male Victims

Chapter 12   Housebreaking

Chapter 13   Stealing from a Child

Chapter 14   Immobilised by Fear

Chapter 15   Group Counselling

Chapter 16   Secondary Trauma

Chapter 17   The Wonder of Intuition

Chapter 18   Safety Tips

Chapter 19   And Now – The Good News!

Plot Your Road to Recovery!