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Finding your positives

We all need to love ourselves a litlle more.

Recently I have seen clients who discuss their lack of positive feelings about themselves. Yes, we all know this is prevalent but when asked to mention five positive attributes they have, they all struggled to find more than one!

Are, we, particularly women, so programmed that to recognise one or a hundred good attributes we are thought to be vain or arrogant? As Nelson Mandela read out at his inauguration in 1994 from Marianne Williamson's work.."Us playing small doesn't serve the world." She continues.."Who am I to be fabulous, gorgeous, talented? Actually who are you not to be."

I challenge you all to write a list of at least twenty attributes that you have. You see them in others... it is not serving you to be small., Be your own champion, recognise who you really are and share your light with others. Now that's going to make the world a brighter place!



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